All PhD students must collect a number of credits following their participation in doctoral training in the three areas listed below:

  • Thematic training (summer schools, master classes, training courses organized by the laboratory or ED SPI);
  • Training related to research methodology or research tools (organized by the Doctoral School ED SPI or;
  • Professional training organized by "". 

The number of credits to be collected depends on the thesis type:

  • 60 credits including at least 20credits on professional training for a PhD student funded by a doctoral contract;
  • 30 credits in three training areas for a PhD student with a joint supervision between two universities of different countries (cotutelle);
  • 40 credits distributed in the area of thematic training and research methodology for CIFRE PhD Student.

The PhD students must establish a training plan in the first year and try to accumulate a maximum of credits in the first two years, the third year being very loaded.


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