As a whole, the goal of the ED is to offer to doctorates the most complete range of activities, both in research and corporation fields. The scientific academic traning remains the focus of laboratories, besides, the ED also privileges on all other complementary trainings and courses which allow doctorates to acquire a better knowledge on society, especially on corporation world.

The preparation of a Post Graduated degree need to be intergrated into a personal and professional project and one of the ED's goals is to offer helps to doctorates to define and carry on their project. The planning of complementary trainings will mainly depend on your professional project. The ED can organize these extra trainings or not.

The trainings held by the ED is mostly technical or "professionalized" courses. Nevertheless, the doctorate is strongly recommended to complete his or her program by participating in scientific or interdisciplinary courses at the same time.

Each training organized by the ED will be certified.

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