Thesis committee

For all PhD students, a Thesis Committee (TC) is set up. 

TC Composition:

At minimum the committee includes:

  • The supervisor and co-supervisors;
  • A HDR member who is not a member of the host team and who is appointed by the lab; He/she will be the president of the TC meeting, generally a member of the relevant domain jury;
  • A HDR member who is conducting research activities in the domain of the thesis but who is not belonging to the host research team, and who will be chosen by the supervisor and the DED.

How the TC works?

The PhD student provides a document on her/his first year work two weeks before the date of the meeting to all members of the TC. This document will include a minimum of 7 pages;

  • Brief description of the thesis subject and its goals (min 1/2 page);
  • Main references - state of the art (min 1 page);
  • Work Progress in accordance with goals and key results (min 3 pages). A statement of policy regarding results dissemination in terms of publications, conferences, software production,…;
  • A roadmap for the next two years with the expected contributions and a schedule, (min 2 pages);
  • Information on the Doctoral Training Modules which have been followed;
  • Professional Project information;

Meeting with the TC includes:

  • 30 minutes Presentation + questions of the TC
  • Meeting between members of TC and the supervisor (and co-supervisors)
  • Discussion between the TC members and the PhD student (without the presence of the supervising team).
  • At the end of the meeting, a collective report is written under the authority of the TC president. This report is sent to the DED and the administrative manager of your laboratory by email.

Calendar 2017

  • TC constitution before June 15, 2017
  • Sending the document before September 15, 2017
  • TC meeting before October 15, 2017

To register in 2nd year

  • The TC report with favorable decision is necessary

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