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Interlocutors of USTL and partnership

Some interlocutors of USTL

- Le service scolarité 3ème cycle : takes care of the registration procedure
- Le service des thèses : takes care of academic defense authorization, doctorate diploma delivery, in collaboration with the Research Cell.
- Staff service (Ms Paccou-Muselet, Ms Delpouve) : take care of gère USTL beneficiary files
- La cellule des Relations Internationales : takes care of conventions on joint supervision programs
- Le C.I.E.S. : Centre d'Initiation à l'Enseignement Supérieur Nord-Pas de Calais-Picardie : takes care of monitors's training program in teacher-researcher issues. From an agreement with our ED, can broarden these trainings to non-monitor doctorates, if places are available.
- The SUAIO and the radar in Lille of ABG : are the privilege partners for your professional intergration (see below)

Some links

- Le portail de l'Association Bernard Gregory with its financed theses offers and its job recruitment offers for doctors.

- La confédération des jeunes chercheurs
- La guilde des doctorants
- L'agence de modernisation des universités (see in particular Actu-U information letter)
- L'association des docteurs ès sciences
This association made a guide of Doctoral Helps which is available both at the ED and online at this following address.
- Le site d'EGIDE and the pricipal mobility programs.
- Liste de sources d'information utiles sur les bourses

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