Objectives and actions:

Well prepared to welcome the doctorates during theirs studies :
- registration authorization from the beginning of the thesis, and reapplication every year after
- respect the thesis charter
- recommendation of external reporters and thesis jury

In favor of interdisciplinary and mobility:
- trans-disciplinary seminars, exchanges between doctorates;
- financial assistances for mobility
- put in use conventions with foreign partners

Propose complementary trainings in both scientific and technical fields:
- technical courses ("intensive calculation", IT and communication, industrial ownership...)
- support for the « Young researchers school »

Promote professional integration of doctorates and assist them to define theirs professional projects :
- help to define professional project
- openings to corporate partners,
- trainings (training plan, communication, management project)
- participation to seminars for doctorates,
- new chapter of thesis
- prepare for job research
- Update professional career of former doctorates.

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